The Bowbadger

After more than five years on the market the BowBadger has found its way into violin and bow shops in more than 20 countries including Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Sweden, Switzerland, Spain, Japan, Korea, USA, Netherlands, Germany, France, Italy, Taiwan among others.

With improved manufacturing techniques the housings are now of uni-body construction. This method skips the former multi-plate method and makes the body virtually indestructible. This tool is made to speed the repair to the butt ends of all bows of the violin family, including bass bows, while improving its infinite accuracy.

Two highly polished jaws hold the bow firmly in front of a center drilling channel so that old bows can be "bushed" with new wood while new bows will have the screw shaft drilled on absolute center. It also allows the drilling of the screw shaft in new bows.

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