Sterling Silver Brand

Try our Siberian Stallion Sterling Silver horse hair. With strength and elasticity that out-paces Premium and Supreme Brand, the Sterling Silver Brand is our strongest hair. A beautiful natural white color gives you a wonderful clean, crisp ribbon on the bow.

Sterling Silver



Supreme Brand

Supreme Brand

Each hair of the Supreme Brand is hand selected for equal thickness, texture and color. Our most popular hair.

Premium Brand

Premium Brand

Hand drawn five times for equal length and quality. Meticulously sorted so that every hair in this bundle can be used.

Gold Label

Gold Label

Our Gold Label brand is a source of good quality natural white horse hair.


Mongolian Bow Hair

Select natural white Mongolian horse hair at a lower cost.


Siberian Bow Hair

Natural white Siberian horse hair at a low cost.

Thick White

Thick White Bow Hair

This hair has met our strength tests and measures from 0.15mm through 0.22mm in diameter


Black Bow Hair

Natural black horse hair for cello and bass bows.


Sorrel Bow Hair

We now carry sorrel (red/brown) stallion hair often requested by shops who use it in bass bows.

Pepper & Salt

Pepper & Salt Bow Hair

An economical choice for cello and bass bows.

Platinum Brand

Platinum Brand

A Select quality white horse hair hand picked for length, strength and color. At an affordable price.

Color dyed

Color Dyed Bow Hair

A fun colored horse hair for children and adult bows alike.


Argentine Bow Hair

A fine natural white hair from Argentine.


Australian Bow Hair

Quality Australian horse hair.

Tools and Supplies

Tools and Supplies

A selection of hard to find supplies and tools for the violin and bow shop.