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With over 40 years of experience in the music industry, bowhair.com is your worldwide source for quality bow hair. We are committed to providing the finest hair to our customers across the seven continents. Our recommended brand, the Sterling Silver Brand, is made up of only the best hair and has the highest ranking on our in-house testing facility. We offer a range of horse hair brands, each with its own excellent properties.

Sterling Silver brand

See our newest line of professional bow hair.

Sterling Silver Brand

The Sterling Silver Brand horse hair is sorted for strong hairs with a bright natural white color. This is a first class hair, strong, with a natural affinity for rosin. Suitable for use in the professional violin shop for violin, viola and cello rehairs.

New: 'Grade A Thick White' horse hair.

A high quality natural white horse hair with a thickness range of 0.15mm to 0.22mm.

This hair is suitable for rehairing bass bows.

How we test our hair.

Using our very own horse hair analyzer we can test the strength and elasticity of the hair we sell. Using an airtight chamber we can also simulate environmental conditions such as humidity and altitude. We run each test at a different humidity to observe how the hair reacts and preforms. Our aim is to provide only the best horse hair.

View the video to see exactly how we test each brand of hair.




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Featured Products

Sterling Silver Brand

Sterling Silver Brand

Our strongest Siberian horse hair. Superb elasticity and strength that gives you a crisp natural white ribbon of hair that looks great on the bow. Perfect for Violin, Viola and Cello bows.

Shop our Sterling Silver Brand.

Premium Brand

Premium Brand

Try the Premium Brand. An easy to work with horse hair that is strong and reliable.

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Fodor Violin Polish

Fodor Violin Polish.

This  fine polish can be found on benches in violin shops the world over.

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